Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Birth of The Biggest Elephants in the Wild Waiting to Join the Elephant Train

Baby Elephant with an Elephant walk

There is nothing spectacular in the world to hear or see that an elephant is born or an elephant gives birth. The sight  and the sounds are just spectacular for those in the vicinity or the birth place. What does it take for an elephant to give birth? just like any other living thing, elephants with all their mighty power to make the earth tremble will undergo this ritual when they are mature enough and will nature their young ones with the help of other mother elephants in the heard for as long as they live in their natural habitat and within their breeding grounds or protected territories.

The calf or baby elephant when its born, the mother as any other loving animal would want to know that the baby elephant cans and on its feet and ready to go or to be on the move. This animal or elephant instinct is just the manner in which survival for the fittest is passed on while out in the wilderness. In many of the African and Asian forests jungles and plains the survival of an animal at birth is very crucial and hence the mother elephant will do all what ever it takes to make sure that the baby elephant or the calf stands on its ground and will guide her to suckle wherever possible.

Graphic Footage of an elephant Giving Birth

With little energy and with its clumsy legs, the baby elephant will struggle to keep itself on the ground and to be welcomed by the cruel nasty environment to be its home but under the loving care of its mother and the very few people and organizations which help protect and save the elephants. elephant.

When the Mother elephant gives birth, the baby is always about three feet (one meter) tall. This baby elephant is just like the mother elephant and all the elephants which belong to its linage. Like all elephants when they are born, they usually have somehow quite a lot of  hair in their body which fades away as the elephant matures with age.

As far as the elephant and its tail is concerned, its usually very small and with a very small or short trunk which ends up being the weapon of the day as far as its trunk  is also concerned. The baby elephant by its nature will always try to use its trunk to look for its mothers milk and when it senses as during birth, elephants always have a poor eyesight and they use their sense of smell to find their way out while the mother elephant does all the work of nurturing and communicating to the baby elephant  and make it accustomed to its ever changing elephant environment.

Like any new born baby the baby elephant will always stagger to  find its way here and there and even while playing with their trunk, it is always difficult to hold and grab items just as any other animal which is trying to learn how to jump or attack other animal during their initiation to the jungle which is out there.

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