Sunday, 26 August 2012

Amazing Dangerous Safari Ants of Africa Looking busy doing Something

Ants are everywhere we live. You can have big ants, small ants, funny ants and pretty ants as well. Whether you are in the village or in the city life without ants is just inevitable. Ants have been here in this world and they will be part of us in our habitat and int heir own natural  habitat till the end of time. With different natural habitat, ants of different species and ants of different kinds are located everywhere and there are many kinds of ants which have yet to be classified or which have not yet been discovered.
 These dangerous  Biting red ants, or "Siafu" in Kiswahili live in colonies and people who move in any of the ants natural habitat have to be on the lookout for the siafu or safari ants this is because you might find a colony of safari ants in one location while in the nest few hours the safari ants are nowhere to be see. just because while many ants have a permanent home, the safari ants are always on the move looking for more feeding and breeding grounds. These ants hunt at night when the sun has gone down and many a times hide in a hole in the ground or in a tree during the day away from other ant predators as well which makes them vulnerable.

Ants or siafu are at home in Africa. in the gardens or in the forest, siafu or safari ants are just part of their nature in their natural habitat.  Safari ants like any other ants are just as interesting in their nature, When you see safari ants moving in their convoy of thousands, these beautiful dangerous insects will not  hesitate to attack. Why are the ants called  safari ants?  is it because these ants travel in thousands carrying all what they have? Do these safari ants have any good story or bad story with the people on safari who had visited Africa for the sake of the African Safari as well. While there is little information about safari ants, these dangerous insects are not to be joked with. The safari ants can be as dangerous as any other biting insect. once these ants start biting, there is no turning back even if you turn your back on them.

Pinching ants are called "siafu" in Swahili, the trade language of East Africa. They are also sometimes called safari ants.

The pinching ants, sometimes erroneously called army ants, would come in columns maybe 12 inches wide and up to 200 feet long. When they reached a home, they would enter and swarm all over the inside of the house. They would eat everything in sight that moved. They ate very little of our regular food, but they would eat all mice, scorpions, spiders, etc. They would kill and eat dogs and cats if they were trapped in the house also.

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