Sunday, 26 August 2012

Amazing Moose on the Run

The Moose Appearance and its amazing looks:

The moose, is it a native of Africa? Is the moose related to the wildebeest, the African buffalo or the one of the great horned animals of Africa? Many people who go for an African safari or just out in the wilderness to see the African savannah animals are always fascinated with the kinds and varieties of animals they come across. These animals have been on the forefront in many of the greatest animal pictures movies, inspiring animal photos and some of the greatest animal movies ever made. With a big variety of wildlife in their natural habitat, Africa is just blessed with its bounty of animals. Just remember it’s a moose jungle out there. 

On the other hand, Europe and North America have also been blessed with the moose and some of the most dangerous animals whose cases in terms of animal attacks have always been on the news. Dangerous Wild cats have been able to attack unsuspecting mountain climbers or campers. The brown bear, the black bear and the polar bear are just some of the strongest animals in this area which are not to be joked with. On the other hand, the moose just like the African buffalo is just one of the feared animals in Canada, North America and other parts of Russia. The dangerous moose of North America are six and three fourths to nine feet long which is slightly bigger than the African wildebeest; you also find that the moose is six to seven feet tall on average

As far as the female moose is concerned, the female moose weighs about seven hundred to one-thousand three hundred kilos. Don’t be amazed by the sheer weight of the moose. The male moose weighs nine hundred to one thousand six hundred pounds. Remember out there in the natural animal habitat, survival is for the fittest. The bigger the moose the better your survival chances are in the wilderness and in the natural animal kingdom. In many parts of Canada and USA generally most of the moose population is usually located in areas where there is a lot of woodland. The moose always blend with its natural surroundings and in places around lakes and in moist conditions. Like any other wild animal in the jungle plenty of food and water is what keeps the moose going. You will always find the moose in this natural habitat as they like to spend their time quenching their thirst and just having a dip in the water.

Just like the bison which are famous for their migration in Canada and America, you find that its relative the moose which is mostly found in the forests of Europe, Alaska and Asia, the moose habitat has always been ever changing and so is the moose name as well. In areas of France, Germany, Netherlands Norway and many parts of Europe the moose is known as the elk. How the moose got its name to be an elk is a myth which still needs to be explored as far as information about the moose is concerned.

These friendly moose in their natural habitat and breeding grounds are animals which can be as serene as one can ever think of. The moose in the wilderness will eat a variety of fresh leaves and trees. Just like an elephant the moose will also eat bark of trees and twigs as well. While in the water the moose eats the different water plants. As the temperatures and seasons changes, the moose diet changes as well and different shrubs and herbs are just a perfect diet to help it be able to sustain the colder moths of the year and just before the moose breeding season.

The moose is in fact one of the unique animals as far as it horns are concerned. When a baby moose is born after a gestation period of around eight months, one or two small baby moose are born. The baby moose does not have a spotted coat when it is born while adult moose develops a spotted coat to camouflage itself from its enemies and if the baby moose is luck,  tiny little moose will walk the different forests and plains of the earth in their natural habitat for a period of fifteen to twenty years while in the wilderness.

With the demise of many of the moose natural habitat both in Asia, USA, Canada and Europe the moose population control has always become a bone of contention with many animal rights activists. Many moose lovers have always been vocal during the moose hunting season. While many moose hunters see the moose hunting season as a chance of their lifetime to practice their skills of hunting which has been part of their culture from generation to generation, many moose lovers or moose sympathizers would not want people do hunt moose just because its fun hunting moose. While some moose and animal experts feel the need to curl or to keep a check on the moose population, its programs like these which keep a healthy moose population in their natural habitat. If there is an imbalance of the moose population, the general land carrying moose capacity is always not equilibrium hence the need to control the moose population. While moose hunting permits are always given after a strenuous process, despite these annual events being organized under the state laws in many countries, you find that given such a yardstick to follow, some of these rules fall on deaf ears and many of the moose hunted just die miserable death. 

For those who go moose hunting, the pride comes with the moose meat which is always a delicacy shared among the hunters family and friends. Many moose or animal lovers hate the idea of hunting animals just for the cake of trophies. With many animals being in the endangered list or near extinction, people should look at Africa where there was abundant wildlife. Animals used to roam freely from the tip of Africa to the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. While the rich and wealthy took hunting or big game hunting as a sport just for the sake of taking pictures or hanging the remains of a dead animal in their living rooms was just a sight not appreciated by many. If it was for the need of hunger, many people would appreciate if the moose killed would be eaten but not for the moose practice shots

Despite the fact that the moose has many enemies, the biggest moose predator is wolf. While the moose and the wolf almost are found in the same natural habitat, many of the dangerous moose attacks take place in the moose land or in areas where wolves come to look for food.  Many of the moose are killed in the winter by wolves because this is the time the moose don't have antlers.

The grizzly bears and mostly the black bear and the brown bear are just some of the animals the moose don’t recon with. The bears from their hibernation and just before hibernation would just go for any thing big or small to fatten themselves up and the moose is just part of the menu to these giant carnivores of the colder hemisphere. While the enemies of the moose keep on increasing, with loss of their natural habitat, many moose are attacked while moving from one location to another in many of the motorway which p The moose is usually killed in the winter by wolves because they don't have antlers.

ass over the moose territory. A lot of moose accidents have resulted in many of the legislations to warn people to drive slowly in the moose natural habitat but with all these already well placed and in perspective, dozens of moose accidents which are sometimes fatal to human still hit the news. Road sighs showing moose migratory routs and feeding grounds are of little help on unsuspecting moose who would come speeding wanting to overtake the car with little to save the moose.

Other important Facts: The moose will stick it's head under the water to drink the water. The moose has other animals which are also related such as the Caribou and the Reindeer. The male moose always have antlers. since most of the moose are located in Alaska, the largest antlers belong to a moose in Alaska, the largest moose antlers are about six feet long. A full grown moose can get to six feet. the moose family will migrate south for the winter. Moose somtimes go into the water and take a bath then they shake it off like a dog. Younger moose and a older moose will get nose to nose and if the younger one does not retreat they will fight and the one that wins gets to mate.

When two male bulls fight they brace their antlers and shove and push sometimes they will fight to death. The largest moose in the world is in Europe. A moose runs silently through the woods. A moose can run up to thirty-five miles an hour. Over a long distance of runing a moose can only run twenty miles an hour. When a moose is five it can out run a human. A moose can get up to six miles an hour tredding water.


  1. You seem to know a lot about moose. I see you have taken a lot of pictures too. You must spend a lot of time in the woods. Did you study wildlife in college?

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