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African Safari Amazing Game Hunting

What is a safari or game hunting when it comes to Africa game hunting?  Is Africa being the continent with all its glamour of visiting and being depicted as what would be a safari with out hunting for game? All over the globe man has has slowly tamed the wilderness all the way from the Arctic circle to the Cape of Good hope in Africa and deep in the Australia jungles. Just for the sake of animal hunting, man has pushed deeper in many of the world tropical rain forest pipping his nose against the ruthless terror of the jungles which are richly infested with animals of different sizes big animals small animals venomous insects, poisonous plants and dangerous animal attacks along the way. In many of the African jungles, many have made safaris come hunting for game in these hunting territories resisted man with miles of dangerous jungles,  swamps infested by the African Nile crocodiles and the great hippopotamus, grassland full of lions, leopards cheetahs rhinos buffaloes and  many of the beautiful animals roaming the African Savannah south of the Sahara Desert just for the sake of game hunting and reasons best known to them as to really what is a safari for them.

Having an access a safari to these hunting areas, many hunters while on their hunting outfitters would battle rapids, waterfalls and crocodiles of different sizes. Their great African safari dugout canoes would be just too flimsy and would easily tip over in these dangerous African great rivers if one had opted to get into the deep jungles of Africa for the best hunting places.

From the early 1900s Africa for hunting safaris was "The Place" for the rich and the royal to go hunting. have the odds changed now that the world is a global vilage where you can hunt in the Amazon forest and take a cool refreshing breeze at the beautiful sandy beaches of Mombasa at the Kenyan coast. What came along was the most common Tsetse fly which causes sleeping sickness. Many of the wild animals which live in these hunting areas were immune to the tsetse fly.

Humans have been part of this world and have evolved from the primitive gathers and gone to be part of the hunters cultured which was instilled from out great fore fathers. With the demise of many wild animals which was a source of food in most of the jungles and a source of proteins, hunting of wild animals was still carried out in may of the continents not just as a sport but to quench the hunger and the lust to many of the few hunters who had the guts to venture into such an enduring hunting spirit not born within. Despite Africa being an elephant country, elephant meat was a great delicacy.

With the turn of the Century, I guess many of the modern hunters  hunters associate Africa  or the Dark Continent with the big game hunting or Big Five species which are mostly hunting of the African Lion, the African forest elephant, the rhino, the buffalo and the fastest animal on earth the cheetah ("Dangerous Game") On the other hand,many of the great African entertainments are the outstanding rich flora and fauna which has a rich and welcoming hospitality with romantic traditional tented safaris allover the African continent which is a must see for all those animal loving souls.

With many geopolitics and Geo economis being part of our daily hustle sand bustles, a lot of changes are now the order of the day where by, both human rights are to be followed and at the same time as little as an African ant is, its  all animal rights are to be extended to it as well. With many of the worlds animal becoming extinct, many are now on the endangered list and there is a need to do something about it not for the sake of future generation but for the sake of what belongs to the planet and has equal right as you and me. Having no yardstick to assist in what needs to be hunted and what is just there to be adored as opposed for the sake of big game trophies

The Maasai tribe in many parts of East Africa it was a life for a life. The your Maasai had to undergo an initiation stage, the councilor elders used to decide who would be sent out after the lions.  these Masai have been accustomed to live with the lions as they have been known as Man Eaters and in constant touch eating their cows.  The chosen Masai worrier would only put on a fantastic head dress which is made up of ostrich feather. This was as important to the hunt as it was to the spear. Not all Maasai were allowed to go  on the hunt as the chief could only take along those who were chosen by the council to go for the lion hunting. Most of the younger worriers hunters would wear head dresses mane from the mane of the lions as all their lives they have lived on animal food, blood and water and they would respect the lion they hunt. The animal hunters faces legs and chest would be painted red, yellow and white with reasons best known to them during the animal hunting of the day with a substance made from the ashes with a previously killed lion. Naked or half naked they would carry along with them a long bladed spear with a buffalo hides shield skins colored witth bold patterns would put their hearts out during the lion hunt.

All morning the tireless Maasai worriers hunters would advance the grassy plains and the long lions. the would beat a cross a circle 12 miles in diameter. The hunters wound form a circle around the beast. The razor sharp spear heads melt like silver in the sun rays. In small groups the Maasai hunters would come closer and gradually for the ring of death. One by one they would take their place in the ring and when the Maasai hunter are near enough crouch behind their shields. With a spear in the hand of the Maasai lion hunter and their fierce ego leaning facing over the realms. With the Maasai hunters shields held steady and high enough to protect the body and quivering spears poised for some action, the Maasai hunters would charge towards the hunted animal. When the ring of death is complete, the hunted lion has nothing to stand against these trained hunters. The secret to the most important part of the animal hunt was that the death ring must not be broken what ever the cost. For the man who ever steps back in the face of a charge is for ever branded a coward. Once the lion charges, it would be met with a dozen spears and within a matter of seconds the hunted animal would be down and with a result of shouting and chanting. They would worship the lions power with deep respect just after the hunt where by the elders used to. With different hunting techniques among the safari hunters, those who came to Africa to hunt for the big game trophies you find that leopard hunting used to take place or hunting the traditional manner (from a blind over bait). While some animal hunting used trackers or dogs during their hunting expeditions.

Despite the fact that hunting of the big five is not allowed in many parts of the world, there are still a few countries in Africa where hunting safaris of wild animals is till allowed. The Cape Buffalo which is one of the top ten most dangerous animal in the world is one of Africa's biggest animal that are available hunt for the big game trophies due to their bounty in the private cattle ranches. With all right hunting documents and papers in place, these African safari hunting of buffaloes go for  $10-15K as compared to a domestic  cow which is almost worth perhaps $500. Buffalo hunts are very popular and widely available and the hunting of them is as hair-raising as ever.  Not may people in the world are for the idea of such hunting activities now that many of the existing animals have little natural habitat and breeding grounds and not for getting that many of the animal migration corridors have been replaced with tarmac roads, high rise buildings and fenced or protected farmlands which are to cater for the continuous supply of food to the already six billion hungry mouths to feed.
Way back in the 1800s, people from all walk of life from Europe, Asia and the Americas came to Africa to hunt. Africa was the land of dangerous wild animals plenty and people would make these great safaris for the sake of  big game trophies. Who wouldn't want to make news about Africa while going back from an African safari hunting holiday? This was just the epic of the great many a safaris to Africa which were to come hence forth.

The list of countries where one can still hunt the Big Five  or for the big game trophies is dwindling, and the cost of these hunts is now beyond the reach of many people who would have loved to go hunting on their African Safari holiday. For the moment South Africa in the whole world is where one can go for animal hunting and is allowed to hunt any kind of animals available in the country and specially allowed to hunt the lion, the African elephant, the African buffaloes, the rhino and the cheetah also know as the five  legally. The big game trophies hunting of these animals is always done in special designated hunting grounds or animal habitat where the population of the animals to be hunted is beyond the carrying capacity thereby giving the need to reduce the animal population in that area bu hunting them down. While many eyebrows may be raised in terms of this hunting spree, many animal experts say that the hunting or reducing of such animals in a given habitat is healthy of rt he existence of the ecosystem. With rising costs of maintaining many of the national and reserved animal sanctuaries, revenues generated help maintain and promote such facilities and as a result a continuous healthy breeding of the same is of the top most priority. While countries such as Namibia might allow you to hunt, the African rhino is just one of the African animal which is not easy to opt as an animal for hunting during your Africa's adventurous animal safari hunt

What is a safari in these beautiful African safari  countries such  in Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, parts of Namibia, Mozambique and several Central and Western African countries who would think that hunting safaris and hunting expeditions are still organized as part of the traditions according to the existing laws of the country for the big game trophies. You get that whether small animals or big animal safari hunting what ever goes depending on the nature of the hunting safari and the hunting season, the hunting designated areas and localities are at the stake of the local governments and for many countries, this has come at a time when the credit crunch is just one area where hunting of animals is just a cushion for the little source of foreign currency. With few water catchment areas and scarcity of water not only for the local inhabitants, animals in these areas are well adopted to such regions grazing on the few herbs and scrubs in these sparsely barren lands where not a grain can stand out to blossom in the ever changing global warming.  So with n water for agriculture to sustain the population, tsetse flies are just the hunting enemies of man day in and day out which has resulted in these hunting grounds t o be designated as fit for hunting. One would wonder where is all that technology to revamp these barren lands to rich flora and fauna in its original form instead of spending or reclaiming vast mountains of hunting lands. Nature really knows when and where to prepare these hunting for the big game trophies episodes for people to ponder.

With luck of specialized veterinary doctors and medical facilities, you find that hunting or rhinos is just not the animal to be hunted for the big game trophies while any lion hunting is just out of the question as many of the lions are just too few to be finished  and a lot to lose as would be the case for these countries which allow animal hunting to be carried out. With break downs of feline, this dangerous animal disease has hunted many of the lions and brought them down. As a result, the number of lions has gone down and with many of the hue and cry from the farmers who co inhabit the animal habitats have always hunted these man eaters and leopards down as they have always hunted their animals or cattle for ages. that has reduced lion numbers in recent years, and the fact that lions and humans, particularly cattle farmers, do not get along well.

In many African great safari destinations leopard are found and hunted for the big game trophies in every country in Southern Africa but Botswana has put an end of hunting of the leopard due to its strong eco-tourist industry and helping reviving many of the endangered animals species in the region as well.

While at the moment grounds have been made to help save the African elephant at the same time these great beautiful African Elephant are just some of Africa's elephants species that have seen their numbers go up to the point where there are far too many elephant African elephants for the remaining habitat in many Southern African countries. As far as the yardstick for measuring the "Number of African elephants being plenty"  for may African countries which depend on tourism and for the  welfare of these African wild animals such bases are  not true in the rest of Africa, particularly those countries that don't "get" the economics of big game hunting and have allowed their elephant populations to dwindle due to lack of habitat and ivory poaching or what some would say hunting  for the sake of  big game trophies. With a lot of hue and cry made to stop the sale of ivory and elephant related products some African countries  have the opinion that the elephants without tusks are easy to get them hunted down as compared to he cost of a Cape Buffalo hunt while at the same time supporting of exportable trophy bull elephant hunts. Despite the fact that animal or elephant hunting is not a good idea to the common man, for those animal hunters, they would go miles and push over the envelop just to get that elephant which has tusk. Despite the fact that getting an elephant to hunt or  a bull with heavy ivory outside the National Parks is still a challenge though. To some extent, there are those who would try to bend the rule here and there to get their job done while creating problems for the elephant family and great conservation efforts as well. The amazing fact about elephants is that the African elephants need to live long enough around 50 year for the elephant to have good tusk.  Not may elephants will reach this age if the poaching continues for us to once again see the giant elephant tusks which once was the icon of many of the African jungles.

Where would you think the best country or place for the safari hunting would be. Africa is just a continent with different geographical boundaries and political boundaries as well which are very porous. For what has been an ideal destination for big trophy Elephant is you find that Botswana is one of Africa's country, where very large African elephants are hunted each year at prices that can only be afforded by the rich. On the other hand Namibia also follows soot in this vast history of big game hunting for trophies. With many of the African elephants population thriving and found in big numbers, many of the parks and sanctuaries with  Elephant have seen an increase of the elephant  populations beyond its carrying capacity of many national parks and concessions in Southern Africa, as a result of the decision to end culling in the late 80s (the resulting population explosion  triggered a habitat crisis and culling was about to resume in South Africa as well as Zimbabwe and possibly Botswana).

What is true about elephants is that these giant creatures are the most intelligent dangerous game species and are extremely challenging to hunt. There are many reasons as to who is to hunt what and how animal should be hunted down.  That being said you find that hunters have to graduate to start going hunting for bigger prey such as elephants.

Hippopotamus  and the great Nile crocodiles have become desirable trophies and the term "Big Five" has been expanded to "Dangerous Seven" with the inclusion of these two species. Africa having some of the longest and the deepest rivers int he world have a lot of Hippopotamus herds in its great rivers. These giant hippos are responsible for many dangerous animal attacks  and cause of deaths in Africa than any other animal along the shores of these navigable lakes and rivers of Africa.

Most of the people who have come to Africa for the aim of hunting have had an African unique experience. Not just with nature and the culture, the African wilderness has just been amazing. Every step the hunters make in the bush has something to learn from it. The great silence and the just winds which would sweep across your face and along the spine would just be the adrenaline which a hunter and the hunted would experience in the wilderness to get things done. Many African safari hunters have yearned to come back just to have that unique hunting experience in Africa

While many other parts of the continent  offers a wide variety of big game hunting, so long as the law allows it, these big game hunting are just part of the curling of wild animals in their habitat so as to control their population and for their own survival and for other animal species as well. Many who would go on safari would like to go hunting at the expected time and hunt for the big game trophies.


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